Top Intelligent Dog Breeds For Serious Pet Parents

Border collie

Dog intelligence refers to their ability of understanding a situation and executing a set of corresponding actions based on the previous experience. However, witty dogs do not automatically make a good pet. So, we should not confuse their superior smarts to having a fantastic fella.

Working dogs usually fill up the list of the smartest dog breeds. It happens because of their innate capacity such as herding, pointing, fetching and so on which is a gift from their ancestral lineage. Instincts and natural capabilities put them ahead of the other competitors in this regard.

How is dog smartness measured?

An extensive research on hundred plus dog breeds has introduced a list for the dog lovers. It distinguishes the dogs based on their instinctive, adaptive and working as well as obedience intelligence. In fact, adaptive and working along with obedience intelligence can be sharpened to some extent.

How far a dog scores, is dependent on these categories of skills. In his final estimation, his top ten picks are respectively the Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever, Papillon, Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog. These upper echelon performers often grasped a command with as few repetitions as five times.

Border Collie

The Border Collie captures the highest position because of his high receiving capability of your instructions. He can follow through a command 95% of the occasions with only 5 repetitions. Of course, such a feat calls for effective execution of basic obedience and foundation training programs. This is a high energy dog with daylong working capability. He is a topnotch herding dog with a reputation for herding eye which helps him gather his flocks to a destined location. This smart dog also performs excellently in dog shows and sports.


Intelligent Poodle eyes usually tell you all about his innate happy and pleasing soul. This tendency leads him to learn things from the owner with intense interest. As a result, you can easily train him for many roles. He is an outstanding show. Flawless companionship qualities differentiates this dog from the pack. His talent includes clownish activities, proud personality, amazing athleticism and showing tricks. The Poodle will regularly outwit you as it happens a lot.

German Shepherd Dog

One of the most reputed and recognized German Shepherd promises you unwavering courage and ready wit. This is a tremendously energetic dog who can go alongside you for the whole day. He ensures a secured perimeter around you and your family. Deep bondage with the owner classifies a German Shepherd. You can employ him in just any job and he fits perfectly.

Golden Retriever

High intelligence and devotion denotes a Golden Retriever. He is heavily connected with the family and loves to be around all day and everyday. Coming from Scotland, this dog has captured American hearts all the way. He is good at hunting, guiding, search and rescue, field work and of course, retrieving. Dog events or shows bring out the best side of his character. Their love expands to everyone.

Doberman Pinscher

Apart from intelligent bearing the Doberman Pinscher pledges you topnotch security or protection. Unflinching loyalty and intrepid character sets this breed apart from most of the other dogs. Nothing escapes his keen senses. Physically, he is a very strong dog. However, he does not look forward to set up a fight or problem. But he will go to the end to subdue a situation.

Shetland Sheepdog

Herding or guarding a flock, giving companionship to you and showing ultimate performance in dog shows are the mottos of a Shetland Sheepdog. This dog is highly alert to his circumstances. He is the alarm for you to know that someone is approaching your place. Whether it is a bird or a person, the Sheltie will sound an alarm. None of your family members is exempt from his all encompassing love and affection.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever captures the top spot in terms of popularity in America for a good many reasons. Smartness, affability and outgoing nature gives him an edge in capturing people’s hearts. You cannot overlook the cute appearance of a Labrador in any way. He is a powerful dog with hour long working capacity. You will have a fantastic swimmer hiding in every Labrador out there. Naturally, retrieving is an inseparabl;e part of its character.


Surely, your Papillon is an ultimate performer in agility and obedience courses. He carries a dazzling personality and makes friendship with anyone that comes along his way. He bears a happy soul and alert nature. Sound athletic showboating and true beauty defines this breed of dogs. Here is a wonderful companion for your family. He is a curious dog with a bright mind.


Public perception tends to put a Rottweiler and love in two different directions. But this dog is heavily attached to his people. Not to forget, strangers do not belong to his world. He is a top class guard dog possessing great capacity to avert a danger. Rotties bring in superior strength along with a muscular physique. His keen sense and fearless presence provides premium security for you.

Australian Cattle Dog

This dog loves doing something all the time. Intelligent activities manage him a spot among the most intelligent dogs. He is ready to outmaneuver you at any time. Thanks to a virile physique, he can endure hard jobs. He is a perfect fit for a ranch. Nonetheless, he is unlikely to miss a thing of the family because of his close connection with the members.

Finally, smartest dogs ask for a lot of physical as well as mental stimulation. So, having an intelligent dog is not a must for just anyone. If you are a busy person who barely has time to spare, it is better that you do not go for these pets. On the other hand, given enough time and challenge accepting mentality, you should go out for one of the smartest dogs.

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