We recently started using Pets4rehome and found the staff to be very helpful and understanding. They puppies are in very good shape and get to you with all their shots till date.. I would highly recommend them to anyone within the US irrespective of your state or city!
Amado Gomez (WA)
Time and time again Pets4rehome have helped my friends and relatives get their dream puppies. This has greatly reduced the stress my grand father was going through. They have firmly established themselves as the local breeding firm who understands our needs
Paola Ramo (TX)
I will love to Thank Pets4rehome for their brilliant activities and breeding skills to as well supply some lonely families such as mine. I am most greatfull to the delivery service they used to do my delivery for they were so reliable and efficient just as the breeding firm. Have no regrets choosing there people.
Madison Wright (NC)
I would like to thank you all for the support Pets4rehome has provided me and my family over the past 4 months. You've made my life easier believe me. You are all truly professionals as regards breeding and re homing of Poms and Yorkies. It’s been a pleasure working with you.
Jessica Madonia (PA)
Pets4rehome were just brilliant. Not only did they enthusiastically supply one Pomeranian puppy – they also they as well sent the puppy along side many accessories like a bed, blanket, few play toys, sample food and a magazine to always read and know what their dogs love to eat and obey certain commands.
Carlos Barajas (FL)
A fabulous service and we were very impressed. On behalf of the Headteacher and Governors of Las Cruces county, we would like to thank everyone so much for all the hard work they did in the incredibly fast purchase and home delivery process of your two Yorkies.
Francisco Acosta (NM)
Throughout it was a very positive experience with pets4rehome family with good communication. Purchase and delivery went on so well and we were so impressed with the way the entire process went on so well on that blissful day.These are great guys to deal with.
Enighya Campbell (GA)