How to Treat Dog Worms at Home

How to Treat Dog Worms at Home

How to treat dog worms at home? Intestinal parasitism is a common health problem that besides posing danger to your dog, they can as well contaminate other pets and loved ones. Worms are parasites, and your puppy can be a victim of several internal worms from the first days of its life.

Usually, there are five types of worms, such as hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and heartworms. Your puppy shows different signs and symptoms depending on the worms he has, but some of the common signs include vomiting, presence of eggs or worms in their stool, constant scratching, increased appetite, blood in feces or loose bowel, bloated stomach, general body weakness and coughing. There are numerous treatment options accessible to help treat the worms in your dogs.

Fortunately, it turns out one of the best and safest ways to treat dog worms is with our home treatments products. The aim of our home deworming treatments is to strike the parasite’s ability to attach to the intestinal wall. The parasites are generally harmless until they adhere to the body of their host.

This is the point where they become dangerous by taking nutrients. By weakening the parasite, immobilizing their bodies, and damaging their mucus layers, the parasite will not be able to adhere to the digestive system and will be expelled from the host. Here are our simple, vet-approved home remedies that can help your dog

Step By Step Guideline

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are valuable deworming agents, as they have an amino acid referred to as cucurbitacin. This immobilizes the worms making them easily removed from the digestive tract. The seeds can be fed as a treat, or you can crush them into a fine powder and include them in your dog’s foods. A teaspoon of raw pumpkin seeds for every 10 pounds of body weight will work best.


We all know the benefits garlic has in our bodies. Besides adding flavor to our foods, it can also improve the immune system of our bodies. But what many of us don’t know, garlic is also an excellent deworming agent for dogs. Administered in proper amounts, it can successfully treat and eliminate worms.

And this is due to the strong acids contained in oils. When assorted with fennel, the blend will not only remove the parasites found in your dog, but it will also strengthen your dog’s immune system. Add a crispy clove to your dog’s meal for successful treatment. However, be cautious not to use lots of oils, as they can interfere with your dog’s digestive system.


This popular orange vegetable is an excellent source of nutrients and can effectively eliminate worms in our dogs. Thickly chopped carrots wash the walls of the stomach and intestines as they are digested, and removes the mucus and all the parasites found in it.

Carrots can be taken as a treat or added in meals. They are safe, a good source of incredible nutrients, and helps boost the immune system of the dog.

An extract of Olive leaf

The leaves and fruits of an Olive tree have an essential compound called Oleuropein. This leaf extract, when added to a dog’s food, it can help remove intestinal worms. When buying the extract, it is advisable to check the strength of Oleuropein.

Every leaf extract comes with a different Oleuropein strength, but it’s recommended to go for an extract with 12% or more of Oleuropein. Give your puppy 300 mg twice a day, the medium dog 500 mg, and the large dog 1000 mg.

Oregon grape

Oregon grape is a natural herb that has been shown to perfectly flush out worms. Besides, providing numerous other medical benefits like strengthening the immune system and combating infections. The reason behind this effect is due to the presence of an antiseptic compound called Berberine.

This component eliminates bacteria, fungus, and worms found in the digestive system of your dog.  Buy Oregon grapes in an extract form and give 12 drops twice a day for every 20 pounds of dog.


Cloves have a pleasantly scented taste and also a robust antiseptic component that helps to eliminate worms. Widely, Cloves have been tested and proven to be effective in removing infections in both humans and animals. And the spice is an integral ingredient in numerous anti-parasitic formulas and drugs.

For huge dogs, give them a single clove after each meal for seven days and then take a weak off. Rehearse the Clove-on / Clove-off pattern for about 60 days.  For little dogs, attempt the same technique but use just half of the clove after every meal or an entire clove for each other.


Turmeric has been considered a superfood for quite some time. And it has been used for years to strengthen the body’s immune system and for its antibacterial and anti-parasitic features. It has four components that assist in eliminating worms and can repair the damage that these annoying parasites cause to the digestive system, resulting in a healthier intestine.

Supplementary enzymes

These enzymes possess an acid component that decimates the outer layer of the worm, making the worms grow poorly and eventually release their grip on the gut walls. Loose from the intestinal walls; the parasite is expelled from the puppy through its feces.

Foods and fruits that have these supplemental enzymes are Papayas, which has papain, apple juice vinegar, and figs which contain ficin. Add the Vinegar over the puppy’s dinner or nourish it with fig or papaya after every meal to get the enzymes functioning.


Chamomile is famous for its mitigating properties, which implies it can assist with inflammation or irritation caused by internal worms. Besides eliminating both roundworms and whipworms, it functions better when administered as a tincture. Chamomile is cheap, and you can order it online. The prescribed dose is 0.25 ml – 0.50 ml for every 20 pounds of your dog’s weight, and you are advised to repeat the entire process twice a day for approximately fourteen days.

Apple vinegar

We all know the health benefits of using Apple Vinegar. But have you ever taken time to understand that this ripe apple juice can also treat and eliminate worms in our dogs? This apple vinegar, unlike other Vinegar, creates an alkaline environment in the dog’s stomach, making it hard for parasites to survive. Put a 1 / 4-1 teaspoon of raw natural ACV daily to your puppy’s water, and see the changes. You will be surprised to see a healthy and jovial dog.


Dogs often explore things with their mouths. The problem is that this opens up to many bacteria and eggs that could later become intestinal worms. With proper hygiene and using our home treatment options, you have a chance to reduce such risks. Using our best home dog dewormer treatments is an incredible help.

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