Can Dogs Eat Nylabones? (Pros and Cons)

can dogs eat nylabones

Being number one in the dog-chew industry, Nylabone has grown in popularity as more and more dog owners began to buy chewable toys for their dogs. In this article, we will be looking at “can dogs eat nylabones?” So, we will go over the reasons why dogs like nylabones.

In order to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean, dogs have an innate desire to chew, which can lead to destructive chewing of your personal property. To prevent that from happening, you can give them something to chew on, which leads to our main topic, the Nylabones.

Benefits of Nylabones for Dogs

Following the same pattern as the past, we will first cover the benefits, many of them which you already know, and we will be covering the drawbacks in our next section. Following that, this post will end by answering some of the popular questions in regards to letting your dogs eat nylabones.

1. Prevents Destructive Chewing

One of the primary reasons that dog owners choose to leave their dogs in dog shelters is due to destructive chewing that decimates their personal belongings. If destructive chewing still persists even though the chew toy is present, you might need to place your dog outside for a while.

  • Nylabone – Chewing Companion for Your Dog

Even though several factors come into play when choosing the Nylabone, this chew-toy can take the power from your dog’s jaws since it was made to do this one job. You can also choose from either edible toys or non-edible toys depending on your dog’s preferences.

2. Provides a Healthy Alternative

If you have seen a documentary or any pet-related shows, you probably think that antlers or bones will provide the best chew-toy for your dog. Even though Nylabone cannot provide the same nutrients as a real bone, you still have to consider the risks when it comes to feeding bones to your dog.

  • Don’t Take the Risk, Stay Safe With Nylabone (Sounded Like an Ad, But It Isn’t!)

Any type of bones or antlers have the danger of breaking into small splinters, and yes, you only thought that chicken bones were the troublemakers, but all bones have a tendency to break if enough pressure is applied.

3. Presents a Cost-Friendly Option

You might be thinking that dog-chew toys are relatively expensive considering their size, but it really isn’t when comparing that cost with the cost of fixing your dog due to bone splinters. Not only that, but it can also be fatal for your dog if that splinter gets inside his/her body to do further damage.

  • Research for Yourself to Know the Risk of Feeding Bones to Your Dog

I am not saying that bones will always splinter into a thousand pieces, but please understand the risk that you are taking by feeding your dog bones instead of a chew toy. So, we recommend you to not take that risk and let your dog eat nylabones!

Drawbacks of Feeding Nylabones to Your Dog

After taking a quick look at the benefits, now is the time where we look at the drawbacks that eating nylabone poses for your dog. Make sure to read this section carefully since it might change your final call concerning this product.

1. Need to Consider Several Factors

I know that for some products you can just buy without worrying what’s on the label, but when it comes to buying your first nylabone, you need to consider your dog’s age, breed, chewing style, and weight. To satisfy your curiosity, I’ll try to tell you the reason behind each factor.

  • Age – Determines How Active Your Dog Will Be Using the Chew-Toy
  • Breed – Based on His/Her Preferences, the Type of Chew-Toy Can Be Difference
  • Chewing Style – Also Just Personal Preferences to Match Your Dog to the Best One
  • Weight – Larger Dogs Will Need Chew-Toys With Higher Resistance Due to Stronger Chewing

Similar to choosing the best electronic device for your household, you need to know your dog enough to be able to get the best chew-toy that he/she can enjoy. As always, the final call is up to you, so choose wisely!

2. Need Constant Supervision

Similar to watching over a baby or small children, you need to be there when your dog plays with the chew toy and constantly inspect the toy to see if it is holding up to the constant pressure put on it each day. If you notice a small breakage or tear, it needs to be displaced immediately.

  • Sorry to Disappoint, But There Is No Indestructible Toy

Even though it says that small parts are okay to be eaten since it just passes straight through the digestive tract, you can’t take the same risk with larger parts of the chew-toy. If obstructed, your dog will experience immense pain, and even death if it is figured out too late.

Can You Buy a Flavored Nylabone?

Yes, you can! Your choice can change the color scheme and the tasting feature of your dog’s nylabone. In addition, you can buy edible treats that your dog can eat or non-edible treats that your dog can use a permanent chew-toy.

Can Nylabones Increase the Risk of Cancer?

Have to be upfront about this, but yes, nylabones can increase the risk of cancer in your dog since it is artificially made. The toys are processed from factories, so I think it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t. However, the risk of cancer might be small when compared to the dangers of bone splinters in your dog’s mouth or intestines.

What Do You Do If Your Dog Has Consumed Pieces of Nylabone?

If consumed, you need to quickly take him to the animal hospital since you need to check and see if your dog needs to undergo any type of surgery. There are some cases where it just comes through the other end, but you don’t want that piece to get stuck inside of your dog. Don’t take the risk!

I hope that this article on can dogs eat nylabones was helpful, and if you are interested in this type of posts, please visit the Dog Food Category!

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