Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken? (Pros and Cons)

can dogs eat canned chicken

In today’s post, we will be going over the pros and cons of this processed ingredient. After listing some positive benefits and several negative drawbacks of canned chicken, we will try to answer some of the most popular questions regarding canned chicken.

Benefits of Canned Chickens for Dogs

1. Great Source of Protein

Since canned chicken is mostly comprised of meat, it is safe to assume that canned chicken contains much protein and fats. Because of their lean body mass, the major components of a dog’s diet should be comprised mostly of protein and fat, which are the major ingredients of canned chicken.

2. Easy Go-To Ingredient

Because it is already processed into a can, your only job is to open up the cap and prepare the chicken to go straight into your dog’s bowl. You really don’t have to make a special recipe for it, nor it is time-consuming as cooking your own homemade dog food.

3. Helps Dogs With Upset Stomach

Since dogs with diarrhea need a bland diet, you can quickly prepare a meal for your dog using canned chicken. After putting some white rice and canned chicken into the cooking bowl, you can boil the mixed ingredients at your stove to make chicken and rice with a bland taste.

Drawbacks of Feeding Your Dogs Canned Chicken

In this section, I will be covering the drawbacks in more detail since these three points might impact some of the decisions that you are going to make in the future. Also, be sure to read the Q&A that immediately follows after the three drawback points.

1. High Amounts of Sodium

In order to increase the preservation period of the chicken, processing companies add high amounts of sodium to canned foods. Even though salt is one of the required minerals, high amounts of sodium can lead to kidney diseases, heart failure, and even cancer!

When considering the ingredients to feed your dog, sodium should take up only 0.5% to 1.5%of the whole diet, but for canned chicken, sodium exceeds that salt limit by fivefold or more.

2. Needs to Be Prepared

Unlike the store-bought dog food that can go straight into the bowl, you need to prepare the canned chicken by first removing the excess sodium stored inside. After rinsing the chicken thoroughly with water, you can then boil it with water to remove the spices and salt that are still left.

After doing those steps, you can remove the water and leave it in a cool place to dry. Since some people might take the preparation as a hassle, I have put the preparation of canned chicken as one of the drawbacks. This point proves that the second benefit that was listed is wrong!

3. Cannot Be Used for a Long-Term Diet

Since this ingredient is processed food stored in a can, it is highly recommended that you use canned chicken for a short-term diet, such as once or twice a month when you run out of dog food.

If you still want to feed chicken to your dog regardless, you can opt for raw chicken and cook it yourself, so that you know what really went into the chicken that your dog is eating. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the popular questions that are being asked by dog owners today.

Is Canned Chicken a Healthy Option for Dogs to Eat?

If you remove the excess sodium by rinsing with water, canned chicken is a healthy option for dogs since it contains mainly protein and fats, which are a must when considering a dog’s diet. If you want to be extra sure, you can boil the canned chicken with water to take out any salt or spices that were left behind.

Also, make sure to check the health conditions of your dog before adding this ingredient to your dog’s diet. Even though the excess sodium is removed during the rinsing process, canned chicken is not a good choice if you want your dog to have a low-sodium intake or if your dog is allergic to chicken.

With this extra preparation and precautions, dogs can definitely eat canned chicken, and it is even healthy for them!

How Much Canned Chicken Can I Feed My Dog?

Since canned chicken is mostly made up of protein and fats, it can constitute up to 50% of your dog’s diet. Due to different types of canned chicken and varied serving amounts, you need to check the amount of protein and fats per can.

Which Factors Should I Look for When Buying Canned Chicken?

After reading this post, you might be interested in using canned chicken as part of your dog’s diet, and the ideal canned chicken should include most of the following factors:

  • High Amount of Protein
  • High Amount of Fats
  • Low Amount of Carbohydrates
  • Low Amount of Sodium (Ideally, But Not in Reality)

If the canned chicken that you are opting for has high amounts of sodium, you can just rinse it off if you thoroughly wash the chicken water. If there are several options that contain all of the following factors, you just need to select the cheapest if you have a low budget or at a medium cost if you don’t mind spending money on your dog.

I hope that this article on can dogs eat canned chicken was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Dog Food Category!

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