Best Hunting Dog Training Collars

Best Hunting Dog Training Collars

Are you looking for best hunting dog training collars? As a good dog owner, it is always good to be concerned about his safety. Training collars are excellent for this job. Not all training collars however are the same. Features and applications differ a lot. There are training collars created for simple training and others are purposely meant for advanced training of a dog. So when it comes to the choice of the collar, remember that there is best amongst the two categories. So which is the best dog training collar? For more information, please read through the article. It has all that you need to choose best hunting dog training collars.

It is a device meant to help dogs during training to avoid being hurt or getting harmed. Another purpose is to deter the dog from its unruly, unsafe or negative behavior. Other collars such as shock collars are meant to prevent a dog from barking while going for the target. When dogs are being trained to hunt, one of the basic things to learn is to stop barking, lest they scare away the prey/target. A dog training collar comes in handy for this purpose. Collars are not actually meant to hurt the dogs, but to help them stay safe and unharmed.

3 Best Hunting Dog Training Collars Comparison

6 Best Hunting Dog Training Collars Reviews

1. Flittor Shock Hunting Collar for Dogs

An excellent dog training collar fitted with a three level stage training modes. This helps to guide the dog in the following areas:

þ  Prevents the dog from aggression. Where the dog has been aggressive, it helps in correcting it.

þ  Helps the dog to avoid unnecessary barking especially when it is scared, happy or when it spots the prey.

þ  Trains the dog to pee on its designated location.

þ  Helps in eliminating unwanted or unnecessary behaviors as newly exhibited by the dog.

The pet owner is given an option to choose between two collar types which are a nylon which reflects yellow color and a black collar which reflects gray color. Both have different meanings and a set of instructions for the dog. It is easy to use since instructions for use are attached on the collar. The reflection is meant to help you spot the dog during training, even when it is in the dark.

The microprocessor fitted to the collar activates whenever the dog is out for training. It is adaptive to different training environments, hence the dog is not confined to one place. This may be however be a challenge because it tends to activate when the dog is just playing. Just a little scratch when playing and the signal is emitted.

As a precautionary measure, ensure that what you buy has everything in place for maximum benefits.

Give the dog a valuable lesson with this hunting collar which eases training. The dog is covered against harm and other adverse effects encountered during the hunting.

2. SportDOG Remote Trainers

SportDOG Remote Trainers

This is an ideal dog hunting training collar for those to whom distance matters. The good thing about this collar is that it can sense signal as far as 500 yard distance that is equivalent to about 458 meters. Even more beautiful attribute is that with one remote control, you can use it to train up to 3 dogs at a go. This is however not possible unless you purchase additional collars for the other two dogs. It comes with a simulator for ease of training and it has different bands of operation.

The pet owner has the ability to enjoy ease of use, since the simulator and the sets of instructions eases the work. You can also train your dogs at the comfort of your desk since the distance covered by the signal is quite significant.

The collar can be used during any season of the year, even when it is raining. It is highly water resistant, meaning that you won’t need to interrupt the trainings due to water from rain or a pool. You will always be notified by the collar of when the battery is running low, hence you can know when to charge. It’s battery charges quickly and it holds charge for quite some time. This greatly helps in minimizing the interruption training time. The collar can be used by the dog of any size. This must be something good to hear for the pet owner since you will not need to replace the collar all the time when the dog grows.

3. F-color Dog Training Collar

A cost friendly collar for the pet owner to train the dog. With four simulation bands, it helps the owner keep the dog properly in check and in control. Using this collar, it is easy to control how the dog:

ü  Barks.

ü  Pees especially in its correct designated point.

ü  How it behaves towards the owner, other people and other dogs.

ü  It helps to correct aggression.

For the dog, it is quite comfortable to use, and can fit any neck beginning from seven inches upwards but not beyond 28 inches. The enabler for this is that the collar is adjustable and soft as well. This means that you dog is safe from harm by the collar. It is quite easy to operate by use of a remote control. Take control of your dog even when not visible to you. The collar is reflect able as well for night and or dark vision.

Control your dog over a great distance of up to about 800 meters. This means that the dog can be let loose in the large park and do the controlling via a remote control. The dog can be tamed or trained from the comfort of one’s work station without having to worry that it may disappear.

The battery level indicator always notifies the owner when the collar battery is running low and due for recharge. Charging time for the battery is quite short and the retention time of power is quite long. Keep your dog under your control by use of this collar.

4. SportDOG Sport Hunter

SportDOG Sport Hunter

A cost effective collar for the dog owner. This particular brand allows you to train up to 3 dogs using one remote control. It just requires an additional investment of two more collars for all the three dogs to be catered for. The collar fits any dog which has a neck size of 8 inches and above.

Train your dog on how to hunt to a distance of about 900 meters away from you. You do not need to follow the dog, but rather, just have a sit and press the remote control. While at that, you can prevent the dog from engaging in:

ð        Unnecessary barking especially when the prey, or the target is on site.

ð        Engaging Unruly or unbecoming behavior.

ð        Peeing and pooing in undesignated areas.

ð        Correct aggression especially when the dog is used to it, or when it is learning to be aggressive.

Have a peace of mind with a waterproof collar. It has been designed with Drytek technology to make it resistant to water damages. In fact it can be safely submerged in water to a distance of about 10 meters. This makes it ideal for the training to be carried out even in times of rains and drizzles. In fact it was designed for all weather types, including things such as dust and mud.

It comes with a battery made of lithium-ion which is fast responsive to charging, and stores power for about 3 days after charging. The battery level indicator keeps the dog owner all the time about the status of the battery.

5. SportDOG Yard Trainer

SportDOG Yard Trainer

Give yourself freedom with an eight level static simulation training by use of this hunting collar. You have the ability to control how your dog behaves all the way to a distance of about 100 meters. Better still you have the freedom to choose to train the dog using a vibration mode or even a tone. The dog is well responsive to both modes.

Just like the other brands of this company, it has been designed for all weather conditions. The design takes in to consideration that it may be used in mud, fog, mist, and dust amongst many other conditions. The collar is waterproof and can be submerged in to water and still function properly. It is not easily affected by weather conditions.

The collar can be used for all kind of dogs, and of all sizes, beginning with the neck size of 5 inches. Train up to 3 dogs sung a single remote control with each dog having its own collar on. The training can be conveniently carried out around the house, the yard or even in the park. This can be executed so long as the dog is within 100 yard distance from the location of the remote control.

Be in control of the charge of the device. It is packed with battery level indicator for the dog owner to know when it is about time to recharge. The lithium-ion made battery is good or conserving power after every recharge. It has the ability to store power for up to seventy two hours after the charge.

6. Pet Resolve Training Collar

As the name suggests, resolve all your dog’s problem by use of this dog collar trainer. Made to handle and to correct all the dog’s unbecoming behavior with minimum control. Train up to 3 dogs by using this device on a wide range of behavior related characters. This dog training collar can handle even the most complicated behaviors of a dog. It brings them up to the desired behavioral changes.

It is a durable dog training collar, possibly bearing the cheapest price. It is built with waterproof capabilities making it ideal for use under any weather condition. The dog can swim in water with the collar on and it won’t be damaged. It can remain fully submerged for any amount of time and it won’t be damaged by water. The collar is ready for use at all times since it has no provision for getting into the standby mode. The collar is quite active all the time.

It features a long lasting rechargeable li-on battery which has the capacity to keep power for the longest time possible. In fact one charge and the dog can train for up to 72 hours without the need to change the batteries. It also takes a very short time to charge the batteries to full capacity. Within two hours of charging, the battery would be full! The remote bears a battery level indicator so that the owner can gauge and know when to recharge the battery. This gives the pet owner an immense control over the battery usage and power expenditure all the time.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Dog Training Collars

Before buying any product in the market, there are various things to look for. This is a common practice so as to avoid buying products which are substandard, or what is not as per your expectation. What are these things needed to consider before buying a dog training collar?

Customer support, warranty and guarantee

Generally, all the dog training and hunting collars comes at a modest price. The customer or the buyer should, however, have the assurance that what he/she is buying is functional. Luckily, most of the manufacturers provide a warranty of between one to two years. This gives the dog owners some bit of confidence in the collars which they are buying. Other stores have a program that provides a-six-day a week training and support for the pet owners. This is to enable the pet owners to take control over the system in their homes.

Another thing to look for is the customer service availability and the cash back guarantee should the system fail to function as expected. Get to know what the warranty covers, what it does not cover and the availability of spares should it happen that it gets damaged after warranty periods expires. Finally, get to know where to drop your product for repairs under warranty, or whether you are the one to repair and claim the expenses from the company.

The costs of the collar

Dog collars are quite sophisticated and do not come at an ordinary price. There are various brands of the same collars being sold in the market each bearing a different price. What the dog owner should consider is the benefits of the collar over the price. You wouldn’t want to buy a cheap collar only to be disappointed to find out that it does not provide the expected service.

Similarly, it does not always mean that the most expensive collars have everything that you desire to train your dog. Therefore, get to understand what the collar system offers first before committing your money. Some collars have the provision for attaching some few more accessories for better function. These accessories comes at a cost which the pet owner should have them in mind before purchasing a unit.

Finally, the more the dogs one owns, the more the number of collars needed. Each collar comes at a cost. However, some just needs one remote control and a multiple number of collars, which may lead to cost reduction.

Multi-usability of the collar

The greatest way to make a saving on the cost is to consider buying a collar that can be used to train a number of dogs. There are a number of them which you can use a single remote to control up to four dogs, some three and so on. Again, there is always a need to go for a collar that can be used by used comfortably by any of your dog. Should it happen that you own a number of dogs, then there is a need to invest in a cost-effective collar for several dogs.

The good thing about so many varieties of these training collars is that it can be used by any grown dog. Even better is that it can serve several dogs at any given moment. As a pet owner, study what is available for sale in the market, how it is used and how to handle by many pets before spending.

The dog size, weight and age

For a collar to be effective, there are general informal conditions that the dog must meet. In several instances, a dog bearing a weight of 8 pounds is fit enough to have a collar for training. The neck size too plays a big role. Most manufacturers of the dog hunting and training collars recommend that collars be fitted to dogs that have at least a neck size of 5 inches. Younger dogs in terms of age do not usually meet the above conditions, meaning that they are not suitable for training. Older dogs too may not need any training, probably because they are well trained or because they are too old to train. Adult dogs enjoy a lot of training as compared to the extremely younger and old ones.

The dog’s training needs and the owners’ preferences

Several dog owners would like to change a particular behavior of a dog. Some also want to impart some knowledge to their dogs. It is always advisable to go for a collar that offers a variety of training needs. However, if your desire is to correct a particular behavior, such as unnecessary barking, then you will have to look for one specifically for that purpose. It may be however not a wise idea to shop for a collar that offers a single solution. The dogs need to be trained on a number of things, hence it is always good to have a collar to cater for all these needs.

The owner may desire to see his dog brought up in a particular manner. All depends on the choice of the collar which you go for. Therefore, invest on one which will train your dog as you desire. If you do wish to control your dogs while seated indoors, then look for one which is fitted with that capabilities. There is also a need to go for the collar which can be used to train the dog in the dark, and still be visible. This enables you to train the dog all the time, whether day or early evening or even in to the night.

The distance to cover while training

Different collars have the capabilities to control a dog over varied distances. While some can send a signal for up to 100 meters, others can do up to about a kilometer. If as the pet owner desire to train the dog over a large area such as a yard or a park, then the option is to go for a collar with such capabilities. Such collars are useful in helping the dogs do the hunting while maintaining their own safety.

For the pet owners who want to train their dogs in the house and outside on the yard, there are collars which covers a short range. This is quite useful when the owner lives in an area which is a confined residence and a confined yard. Such areas could only include open places such as a car park or a garden. However, it is always good to consider going for one that covers maximum distances. This will be quite useful when you are out in the forest with your dog.

The features of a collar

Collars are packaged with different features and capabilities. Some are packaged with simulation capabilities and others do not bear such. The more the features, the better it is for a pet owner since the benefits to derive are immense. It is also exciting to use a collar with a range of applications as it is quite involving. This at the same time allows you to take full control of your dog, or even a number of dogs at a go.

Collars that allows you to control a number of dogs using a single remote control is one of the greatest feature that one should go for. Battery level indicator is a great resource for the dog owner. Take control over how to use the collar by always monitoring the power level using the remote control. This allows you to know when to recharge the battery as well as when to change especially when it wears out. Monitor the health of the battery all the time.

Responsiveness of the collar

It is not surprising to find a collar that does not respond to the signal from a remote control. This would be a great disappointment to the pet owner who invests in such a collar. Some collars may not be responsive over the walls or even some distances which should however be. As a pet owner, always study all the options available, bearing in mind that you may need to send a signal to a dog which could be quite distant from you. It may also be necessary to control a dog that could be on the other side of the wall or fence. This therefore implies that you have to invest in a collar that picks even the slightest of the signal and respond appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How good are the shock collars in training the dogs?

They are excellent in training the dogs too. They deter the dogs from destroying your property while at the same time giving them freedom to move around. Not all dogs respond to the training at the same time. Therefore it is quite common to find dogs that will take quite some time to respond to the training. With time, they will pick the lesson and be well trained.

Why do dogs bite? Can this effect be eliminated by the use of a collar?

In most cases, a dog’s self-defense mechanism is biting. It can first bark before biting, but it is common for it to bite one even without barking. Dogs do bite out of fear, hence it is necessary to find out whether it is out of fear, or from unnecessary behavior. Collars are very effective in reversing this trend of the dog biting. The reversal is not easy and it may have to be done, in a negative way which the dog may not like. It is therefore important to show some form of remorsefulness while reversing this behavior from the dog.

Does collars have a negative effect on the dog?

Generally, a dog left on its own tends to learn some unbecoming behaviors. These behaviors have to be corrected or reversed. This can be successfully achieved by a use of a collar. Doing the reversals may be quite unpleasant for the dog, yet it is the best thing for them. To say that collars have a negative effect on the dog is quite untrue. How it reverses the unbecoming behaviors might be quite unpleasant, but it does not harm the dog.

How long does it take for a dog to take commands?

This depends on the frequency of training and the responsiveness of a dog. If you do train the dog on a daily basis, then the time for response will be quite short. Some take long to learn and this means that the time needed for them to respond will be quite long.

Conclusion on Best Hunting Dog Training Collars

Dogs can take in any behavior from the environment that they live in. As a responsible pet owner, it is always good to train the dog to have the best behavior. Some behaviors are a nuisance even to the entire neighborhood. There are varieties of collars sold in the market today. It is important to make a good market study before buying one. Look for one which is durable, and which offers several features in the same package. Take control over your dogs in all aspects by investing in the best collar. Do not forget to ask for warranty coverage when buying a collar. Good for assurance.

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